I have 30 years experience breeding, raising and training horses.  I truly understand a horseman's priorities and will help you find a good horse property.




Properties that have horse facilities, please understand that many realtors think a single corral constitutes horse facilities, and the search is limited to what the listing realtor has entered in the MLS.  You will really need to visit the property to determine if the horse facilities are useful for you.

 1/2- 5 acres

5-9.99 acres

10 acres and more (this is the amount of acreage required for a commercial horse facility in the Pima County Zoning Regulations)


Properties zoned to allow horses, but may not have facilities for horses you will probably have to build your own.  This is sometimes a better option, because many times the existing horse facilities may be very outdated.

0-5 acres

5-9.99 acres

More than 10 acres


Please send me an email if you want to recieve automatic email notices about new horse properties as they come on the market.  I have to set this up internally, as this is not available through the search limitations available on this site.